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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 8, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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caldwell. we'll be back here tomorrow at noon eastern. harris? >> to deal or not to do iran. this is "outnumbered overtime." we're awaiting the president's decision on the iran nuclear deal. we're getting conflicting reports on whether the president plans to follow on a campaign promise to pull out. iran says they're ready to pull out. the iranians have hardly lived up to the spirit of the agreement hammered out by president trump's predecessor, barack obama. watch. >> when you send $1 billion in cash to iran and they use the money to fund terrorists and fund rebels in yemen that continue to fight against our allies, continue to funding
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terrorists, murdering innocent americans and westerners, it's hard to think they're following the spirit of the deal. >> white house correspondent john roberts joins us now from the north lawn. john, bring us the news. >> harris, good afternoon to you. the "new york times" reported a short time ago the president in a telephone call at 10:00 with french president emmanuel macron told macron that he was going to pull out of the jcpoa, reinstate sanctions against iran and implement new sanctions. an administration official told me a few minutes ago that that report is not corrected. that the president did not tell macron that he was going to pull out of the jcpoa or reimplement sanctions. as to what the president will say at 2 p.m. and what he's decided to do, that still remains a mystery. harris, in 58 minutes time, we'll know what the president has decided. one thing is for sure. though the iaea has repeatedly certified that iran is in compliance with the jcpoa, the
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president believes a, that iran is cheating and says that evidence and intelligence that was gathered by israel on the fact that iran had a clandestined nuclear weapons program confirms what the president has been saying about iran cheating. the president also believes that b, the jcpoa, the joint comprehensive plan of action only covered the short term nuclear program and had no effect on other issues like the long-term nuclear program, the ballistic missile program and destabilizing behavior in the region. the president has insisted the deal is bad because it does not cover those issues and as you pointed out, mark short said that iran is not living up to the spirit of the jcpoa. there's still a different of opinion in how to approach this. you have the president, the national security adviser, john bolton and mike pompeo, the secretary of state all believing that it's time for the united states to withdraw from the jcpoa and seek a new deal. then you have the secretary of
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defense, jim mattis saying it will probably be better for the united states to stay in that deal. we've had a parade of people here at the white house, emmanuel macron last month, angela merkel, the chancellor of germany trying to convince the president to stay in the iran nuclear program. and theresa may doing the same thing. and boris johnson was here meeting with mike pence yesterday. all of our european allies saying whoa, don't pull out of the jcpoa. we know that it's not perfect. it's the first step in the multistep process here. let's not withdraw. let's work on another deal that covers the three aspects. i don't know how much of a mood the president is to try to craft a new deal if i ran is not living up to the spirit of one. i'd say there's even money that he will pull out. we'll find out in 57 minutes. >> thanks, john. as we a wait the president's
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decision, congress is split largely along party lines about what to do. senator bob menendez says this. >> i don't know what the president's intention is. i hope that if his intention is to walk away from the deal is that he has a plan. i don't think there is a plan. we'll wait and see. >> republican senator john kennedy says he believes the iranians are bad actors from the get-go. >> it's a bad deal and iran is a bad actor. the respect of the religion that the ayatollah in iran practices tells him he has to hate somebody. i don't most muslims believe that, but the ayatollah does. >> roy blunt sits on the intelligence committee. great to have you here with us.
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as we look at what the president may do, a couple of things have come into play here that i want to ask you about it. it has to do with democrats, particularly adam schiff, wanting to know what would it look like if we did pull out. what are the conversations on the hill today? >> i think this is one of the worst agreements that the country entered to. president did this on his own, particularly specifically decided not to make this a treaty, not to involve congress. what we've done here is put iran on an almost certain track to be able to have a nuclear weapon sometime in about nine or ten years. we don't want to repeat the mistake of korea with iran. i think it was a bad agreement. i'm going to be supportive of what the president does. if we back out today or if the president says i'm going to set a short deadline to do the things that both the president and apparently most of our
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european friends think should be in the agreement, but they're prepared to stay in the agreement without saying you can never have a nuclear weapon, you have to stop ballistic testing and their support of terrorism has gotten more dramatic and worse, not better, since the agreement was entered into. i think it was a total failure and the future is a failure unless it's dramatically changed. >> i mentioned a couple things going on. some of the conversations among democrats as they look down the pipeline and says what will happen if the president pulls out. some fresh polling we've been watching has to do with surveyed people saying 63% of them in a cnn poll said that they want us to stay in the deal. where i would want to drill down in this, senator blunt, what do they mean by stay? what you're saying, you can stay and you can also make some changes. iran's leadership says that's not going to happen.
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they're calling us naive. what do you think? >> we'll see what happens if we make it clear we're not going to stay. if you ask the american people, do you want iran to have a nuclear weapon in a decade, 63% would not say yes. that's what this agreement allows to happen. it was a bad agreement. it was entered into i think not in the good faith. if it was a good faith agreement, it would be a treaty and we'd be committed to it and the president would have to deal with this leftover problem by a badly negotiated agreement. >> senator blunt, are you on the hill in a position to reach out and have any comment or any effect on our former secretary of state, john kerry, going around trying to make sure this deal doesn't fall away? >> i don't think it's a helpful thing. i don't think it's an appropriate thing but i don't think it's illegal. i remember a number of us signed a letter that we sent to the iranian government that said we're not for this.
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immediately the obama administration and probably john kerry said, oh, that's a violation of the logan act, that nobody has ever been prosecuted under. i don't think -- i can't imagine another secretary of state doing what john kerry is doing. i don't think there's a law that prevents that. the appropriate way to behave once you have left a job should indicate you shouldn't do it. >> we've seen the president do this with other issues. the omnibus spending bill where he will lay out a plan for taking one course or the other. how does this help us diplomatically to send a message that we're serious about what's going on? by the way, iran doubled down on going against israel and hitting them again. how does this sort of decision-making process for the world to see kind of contribute to what we're trying to achieve? >> i think the point there ought to be one we expand on a little bit. iran has been unbelievably
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aggressive and supporting terrorism and what they've done to destabilize further syria, try to keep assad in power. none of these things were improved by sending them plane loads of money. none of these things were improved by doing what supposedly this agreement was going to do. let's see what the president says today. i think he's got secretary of state pompeo, john bolton. he has a good team. defense secretary mattis will be in the room as this is discussed. i hope before long, gina haspel is also in that room. >> yes, her confirmation hearing tomorrow for cia director. senator roy blunt from missouri. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> i just mentioned this. former secretary of state john kerry has been working behind the scenes to keep the iran deal
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intact reportedly meeting with iran's foreign minister two weeks ago. president trump is slamming john kerry. john kerry can't get over the fact that he had his chance and blew it. stay away from negotiations, john. you're hurting your country. ben cardin will join us in a few minutes. i want to give him time to step into place with a couple things that are happening. so you've got bob menendez that we showed you from new jersey, democratic senator saying he hopes the president of the united states has a plan. i would ask democrats, if he does, would you want to be part of the plan? let's bring in senator ben cardin. so glad to have your time. thank you. let's start there. if the president decides that he wants to de-certify the iran deal or wants to renegotiate it, how much do you see democrats being a part of that? >> let's be clear.
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the bad guy is iran. the activities that have done outside of the nuclear agreement, the support of terrorism, the ballistic missile violations. we want to make sure iran never gets a nuclear weapon. that's in national interests. there's disagreement the path the president is chosen not certifying. that isolates us with our allies against iran. the bottom line is we want to do everything to make sure iran is not a nuclear weapon state and take action of them for their nonnuclear violations. >> you use that "we." you voted no on this deal unlike the democrats. you said there's long-term unanswered questions. like what? >> well, i was concerned with this agreement because you have deadlines on their ability to enrich uranium. there's a lifetime prohibition on not becoming a nuclear
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weapons state. i want to see this enforced and built upon. i don't want to see the president walk away from the international community and isolate america. i disagree with the strategy the president is taking but we need to supplement this agreement to make it clear that the agreement provides iran cannot be a nuclear weapons state ever. we're going to enforce that. >> as far as trying to get a better deal what should that look like? iran says if you think you're going to renegotiate this, you're naive. but because of this president, we're in a position to do something like that. >> i don't think that iran will renegotiate this agreement. what we can do, build on the agreement. bill in the blanks as relates to what happens post sunset. we can take action in regards to
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iran with regards to the ballistic missile violations. that we can do that. congress has passed the statute give the president more sanction authority. there's things that we can do now. >> i know from interviewing you in the past, you said there's new laws on the book that are helping us deal with the i ran. i don't know what's in the side deals. it's not been made public. a lot about this agreement we don't know. how much time would you need? if the president says i'm going to delay, what kind of time do you need? this is not a new issue. >> there's been detailed discussions with the europeans, with the french, the britts and the germans. i've had conversations with representatives of these countries. i think they're prepared to move now on the nonnuclear front. we should. >> you think so? their economies are wrapped up.
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we just had german chancellor angela merkel here last week. her country will be hurting with that $5 billion or so sway that they've been able to have business relationships with iran. economies are in play here, too. >> i'm quite confident that europe was prepared to work with us with additional sanctions against iran on the nonnuclear side. will they now go along with the united states since the united states appears to be acting unilaterally outside of europe? that's -- we'll have to wait to see. there clearly was discussions between the trump administration and europe about moving ahead with additional sanctions against iran on the nonnuclear revisions. >> what do you think the president will do? >> i think he's not going to certify. i think that's what we've been hearing the last several weeks, several months. i don't know what is next. i don't know how he will announce this. i don't know what cooperation
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we'll have from europe. obviously the iranians will try to make the u.s. to be bad guys. they'll try to hold us as violators of an agreement. we'll see what happens. right now we're focused on making sure we achieve our national security objectives. >> all right. senator ben cardin from maryland. thank you for bringing us the democratic perspective. here's what we know for sure. don't know up or down which way it will go but the announcement is coming. and a live report with reaction from new york over a lawmaker that is being accused of sexual misconduct. more coming up.
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10:20 am
deal. now the vice president is on the hill briefing then about the upcoming decision from the president. all of this happens live here on fox. eric schneider man, a powerful democrat and critic of president trump who has been a champion of the me too movement for women has resigned. four women accused him of physical abuse in a bomb shell new yorker expo say. mayor andrew cuomo reacted. >> i think these women were especially courageous. they were dealing with the attorney general. according to the article, they were threatened not to say anything. and they came forward anyway. the attorney general is now looking at a possible criminal investigation. >> laura ingle has more. laura? >> harris, the details of what these woman say new york attorney general eric
10:21 am
schneiderman was doing behind closed doors makes his alleged crimes more shocking. in an article, four women alleged schneiderman slapped, choked or abused them while they were having romantic encounters with him. the nypd tells fox news they have no records of any complaints filed by these women who said they were too frightened to come forward because of snide -- schneiderman's alleged things. he issued in the following statement. >> schneiderman resigned saying the allegations would be too much for him to continue.
10:22 am
today andrew cuomo commended the women for coming forward. >> what they were expressing was, there was a fear that he was the attorney general and power would rule the day. that was incorrect. i want him to know that that is incorrect. not in this state. if it's the president of the united states, if it's the attorney general of new york, nobody is above the law. >> schneiderman has long been an opponent of president trump before he took office filing a law against mr. trump. he also launched an investigation into mr. trump's charitable foundation and been a vocal critic of the president's policies. barbara underwood will take over the position and an interim replacement will be appointed. harris? >> thanks, laura. let's bring in my next guest. new york congressman lee zeldon,
10:23 am
member of the house foreign affairs committee. we have an occasion to talk about somebody that you know. schneiderman. he's in deep trouble at this point. first of all, i want to get your reaction. >> good riddens. his resignation is just one step of this. he owes a debt to those victims, he owes a debt to society. there needs to be an investigation. be interesting to see if there's other women that come forward. this is disgusting behavior to see from the person that is supposed to be in charge of enforcing the law of new york state. so disgusting allegations that came forward. i'm glad that he resigned quickly. that really is the least of his problems at this point. >> it's interesting to hear the governor of new york talk about this as the top law enforcement person in the state. you tweeted about this last night saying he cannot consent
10:24 am
on behalf of the women he's assaulting. >> exactly. there are -- we've seen this at different levels of the government with a lot of other stories you've covered on the network of where people that are in that position of authority that have that awesome responsibility of enforcing the law of that standard, that moral authority, the rule of law, they're naive when it fits their own behavior and biases and decisions. in this case, you happen to have an attorney general who in my opinion was the most partisan political attorney general in the entire country. you put that aside, what he was personifying publicly of his branding of his imaging of the way he defined right from wrong, the rules didn't apply in private. you have women that get victimized as a result of it. it takes a lot for the women to come forward. >> you're talking about politics and the cultural reaction to
10:25 am
this, the #metoo moment that is on one side. and schneiderman was vocal against harvey weinstein and for women. there's that hypocrisy according to the allegations and then the political side. he's plays an important role and an interesting role in the democrat party. he's been aligned with women like elizabeth warren,ker -- kirsten gillibrand. what happens going forward? >> they need to stop aspiring to be the governor of new york where that starts to -- essentially what you saw as an attorney general that was a democratic operative, a political tool, a sword that was used to take out political opponents. that unfortunately -- for people, the average new yorker, the average american that has to
10:26 am
live under the rules and respect those rules that are in place, you need people that are enforcing them equally. you can't based off of ideology, your own political motivations decide who is going to be responsible for abiding by this law and who shouldn't. people shouldn't be afraid to live in the state of new york. maybe they're conservative. so they'll get targeted. that's on the political standpoint. ultimately what brought him down is his personal behavior. >> and also on the list, big stars in the democratic party and they've had extensive relationships politically with schneiderman. he was a money raiser a fund raiser. we'll see what happens politically as well as culturally. congressman zeldon, thank you. >> thank you. >> cia director gina haspel is meeting with lawmakers today. haven't had any democrats that have said she wouldn't be
10:27 am
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>> harris: fox news alert. as things come together, we're going to split the screen with the action happening right now. on the right, i want to start there. our producers are telling us a spokesperson for speaker paul ryan's office says that the vice president, mike pence, just finished briefing the speaker on the president's iran decision. there are multiple reports out up or down about the president's decision. we've been telling you that all hour. we won't report until we know exactly what will happen. i can tell you within 30 minutes the whole world will know. meanwhile, we also know that vice president pence had gone to the hill to meet with leaders.
10:32 am
the president will give his announcement at the white house shortly. cia director nominee gina haspel is meeting with lawmakers for a second day ahead of what is expected to be a tough confirmation hearing tomorrow. she's meeting with democrats that have expressed concern about her connections to an interrogation program set up after september 11th. the white house says haspel is committed to going through the process despite offering to withdraw her nomination friday. president trump tweeted this about her. gina haspel, my highly respected nominee to lead the cia is being praised for the fact that she's been and always will be tough on terror. she's been a leader wherever she's gone. the cia wants her to leave them into her bright and glorious future." catherine herridge is live with more. >> gina haspel met with democratic leaders and the bush
10:33 am
era detainee interrogation program that critics call torture. >> to me, as i said when i came out, i think there really is a prospect of this setting of very ominous precedent. if this is allowed to go forward as what i have called a secret confirmation process, it sure won't be the last one. >> public confirmation hearing wednesday is expected to put the justice department approved program that water boarded terrorists under fresh scrutiny. cia director john brennan was a key decision maker and he still got senate confirmation. haspel supporters said that she was a mid level manager with no say on policy. >> seems like we're making gina
10:34 am
haspel here to a much stricter standard than john brennan was ever held to account for. i don't know if that is because of political disinchantment with president trump. >> and another show of support from the president and calling haspel a highly respected nominee, praised her as tough on terrorism and a woman who has led wherever she's gone and popular among the cia rank and file that want her as their next director. former cia officers say that haspel is a gifted operator and responsible for two terrorists behind the bombings in east africa. >> she was particularly helpful when she was overseas in capturing two of the terrorists that destroyed our embassies in nrobi in 1998. she has good experience going after the people that wish to do
10:35 am
us harm. >> she ran russia's operators. they say it should matter to democrats given the current climate. >> harris: this is breaking right now. sources telling fox news that the vice president has briefed a congressional leadership on his decision. moments ago, i said that via a spokesperson for speaker ryan that the vice president had talked with them. the source has been told that the president has made the decision of what he will do and according to this, that would be making the announcement that we would begin a pull-out that starts a 90-day countdown to the re-imposition of sanctions. so if you take this reporting to be accurate and of course we're still working sources ahead of what the president will say and moments ago way, we will know more detail. this flies the window now. remember with senator cardin
10:36 am
earlier today, i was speaking about what democrats would want to see in a wider window. this gives 90 days. let's bring in the editor in chief of the weekly standard and a fox news contributor, steve hayes. this reporting is interesting because it does both things. it telegraphs that we will pull out of the iran deal and says that we will give the window for european nations and others to come on board perhaps. >> it sounds like it might be a compromise position. what is overlooked the past several weeks, you had senior trump administration officials, including mike pompeo, both as cia director and secretary of state, who were pushing for fixes to this deal rather than just walking away. pushing to toughen it. the e-3 allies involved in the operations had varying level of comfort with the u.s. level to toughen it. it talk about sanctioned and snap inspections. there were differences between
10:37 am
great britain, germany and france as to how to do that. what the administration seems to be doing, if this reporting is accurate, is buying a little time while announcing that the end point is near. >> harris: i want to bring in some of what we learned from senator roy blunt from missouri, too. having democrat perspective and republican perspective is very important today. cardin, among the democrats, voted among the deal. this was problematic from the get-go from some democrats and republicans. >> it was. it ought to have been. this was a crummy deal. president trump is right when he said this is one of the worst deals the united states has struck. the criticism of the obama administration's basically give-away the iran providing cash, billions of dollars in cash to a terrorist sponsoring state was deeply irresponsible and irresponsible for john kerry to be out there in effect trying to find work-arounds right now.
10:38 am
right now it's a different debate. you're talking about a deal that's been imposed. there's reasons that i think people on both sides, republicans and democrats think it's better to fill the deal than to just walk away. there's an intellectually responsible and compelling case to just walk away. you wouldn't know that -- if you look at the media coverage, it's taken as an assumption by most journalists covering this debate that walking away from the deal is walking away from peace. it's not the case. >> harris: it's interesting what you're saying. i'd say some journalists have reported that. here's what we all know according to a fox news source. this wording is interesting. the president's announcement starts a 90-day countdown to the reimposition of sanctions. stephen, we're not completely de-certifying this deal. we're telegraphing, you know what? we're out if we can't get this right. what would those sanctions look like? >> yeah, a lot will depend on the details the president reveals. it's a fool's errand to guess what the president will say
10:39 am
before he says it. we've seen last minute tweaks to policy announcements on issues like afghanistan and on the iran deal. the president made the decision to recertify the iran deal on a wednesday. he had to file it on a monday. over the weekend, he changed his mind. monday he decided to walk away and ended up recertifying. this in the span of a few hours. one of the things that changed his mind, as he headed to a meeting with his national security advisers, he was handed an op-ed authored by john bolton saying mr. president, it's time to get out of the iran deal. >> harris: so interesting. thanks, stephen. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: we'll be right back.
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10:44 am
nuclear deal. this despite that france and germany said this could lead out to war in the middle east. and with us here, great to have your perspective. first of all, the talk on the hill right now is that the president has -- will pull out of this deal. we won't know exactly until the president speaks. your thoughts? >> well, this is what we fully expected the president to to when he was elected. he campaigned on allege to get out of this discyster -- disastrous deal. if he announces that, he will fulfill another important campaign promise he made to the voters in 2016. >> harris: so with this reported 90-day window, what can happen now that hasn't happened up till now? this deal hats been on the table. the president has been
10:45 am
threatened to de-certify it for over a year. >> the president has given iran an opportunity to come back to the table to fulfill the commitments that they made when they signed this deal. it's not happened. that's why we are where we are today with the expectation that the president will pull out of the deal for many good reasons. whether it's in iran antagonizing israel or the actions in syria, yemen or other countries that they worked against the best interests:the united states and its allies. sowing unrest in the middle east. that's what the president has said all along. >> harris: congressman, i want to know what we face if we pull out. iran has been threatening us. the president says don't you threaten us. >> this is a president that understand that peace comes through strength just as ronald reagan understood so well. all of the president's activities working with congress to rebuild and restore the
10:46 am
strength of the american military is important and the strength that comes with keeping your word. when he campaigned on a pledge to get out of this deal, today he's booing to show that he meant it and it's going to project that american strength abroad not just to iran but to a number of other countries that work against the best interest of the united states of america too. >> harris: very interesting message. congressman jim banks from indiana. we await for the president to tell us what he decided. thanks for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> harris: we'll take that news conference live here on fox news channel. we're getting early word from the hill on what the decision has been made or which decision has been made by the president. we'll be right back. give us the work no one else wants to do. we don't just go against the grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits.
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10:51 am
intent to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. that would deliver a knockout blow to former president obama's legacy in that of his former secretary of state john kerry as well and would cement the president's america first philosophy. critics say it could spark a global crisis. let's talk about that. former obama state department official here, mark dubowicz. i want to start with this idea, mark, that there is a way to go forward that is much better this than where we are and this president has gotten us here. what is it? >> the other way to go forward was to fix the agreement and apply maximum pressure to the iranian regime, which is already facing a economic crisis and a political crisis of its own making. the u.s. and europeans were negotiating a supplemental agreement to address the flaws of the agreement, the deficiencies that were negotiated by the president and his team. they were fairly close.
10:52 am
fix, plus maximum pressure, could have got us there. the president will walk away from the deal north to build leverage. it's trumpian and the art of the deal. >> harris: we're being told there would be a 90-day window for other countries and lawmakers to come together to try to get to a better deal a better place. david, you worked with an administration whose legacy was wrapped up in this iran deal. what happens now? >> i worked on the obama campaign first of all. we don't know what will happen. if what your hearing is correct, trump is not only putting back in place sanctions, he's pulling out of the deal which he didn't need to do he could have sent a warning to iran by putting back sanctions. there's another deadline that will go into place in july. >> harris: that's not what he said he would do.
10:53 am
why would he do that? >> because the goal is not to let iran start their nuclear weapons program again. the goal is to amend the deal and fix the things that trump things are problematic like iran can have centrifuges in ten years and start processing material in 15 years. if he were to send a message by putting sanctions in place and negotiate it between now and july, that would make more sense. the big question now, what does iran do in response? will iran pull out of the deal or will iran try to stay in with guarantees from the europeans? >> harris: that's what they're saying. iran today -- after making threat against us, that's where they have gotten to. mark, last word. >> the fundamental problem that europe has, they're between and iranian rock and a trumpian hard police. the iranians will threaten nuclear escalation unless they
10:54 am
save iran from collapse. donald trump will threaten to enforce sanctions against european countries and banks. they have to come to an agreement with the united states on the last remaining issues. the president will put pressure on president macron to bring leaders back to the table to negotiate an agreement that addresses all of the fatal flaws and more expensive in addressing the full range -- >> harris: i have to step in. we're nearing the top of the hour with breaking news. stay close. . man: i got scar tissue there.
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>> harris: a live look now inside the diplomatic room where we expect the president to step up to the lectern and tell the rest of the world what fox news got early confirmation of on the hill that he will pull out of the iran nuclear deal. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the whole world is waiting for president trump's announcement on the fate of the iran nuclear agreement moments from now. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing". well, we will wait for the president to see what he has to say. this is a look it at the current deal. it restricts iran uranium stockpile but it puts number on the centrifuges they can operate and the inspectors have access to ensure compliance. it does not prohibit iran from ballistic missile testing among other things. fox news covering all the angles as we await the president. new reaction from kevin
10:59 am
mccarthy. special report anchor bret baier with analysis. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. john? >> good afternoon. we'll hear from the president in a few minutes. sources on capitol hill briefed earlier today by vice president pence confirmed to fox news that the president is going to announce his intention today to pull out of the joint comprehensive plan of action. the so-called "iran nuclear deal." whatever he announces today will not happen immediately. we are told that there are a couple of windows here. it's very come plex in terms of unwinding according to the administration official i spoke with. there are a couple of rough dates we can give you. one would be a countdown clock to 90 days which would mark the reimposition of sanctions. and then another rough date of 180 days from now which would give the u.s. companies who are doing business in iran that period of time to unwind their business. again, that really is just kind of a broad brush way of
11:00 am
looking at it. it's extraordinarily complex i'm told. the white house will be briefing us on the complexities immediately after the president make his announcement. but the bottom line the president will announce today, fox news has been told by congressional sources he is announcing his intention to pull out of the joint comprehensive plan of action. there has been a lot of opposition to all of this but the president maintained all along that iran is not living up to the spirit of the agreement. listen to what mark short, the legislative affairs director said earlier on fox. >> it's hard to think that iran is following the spirit of the deal and so i think the president has been clear about his demands for a better deal. and i think he will make his case to the american people today. >> there are a lot of appointments to the announcement that president would pull out of the joint comprehensive plan of action. angela merkel, theresa


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